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DAJB, June 22nd, 2009, 3:42 am ( Reply )

Note This little plot device is based on a couple of true anecdotes. Well, they were told to me as true, anyway!

I used to work with a lady who, unlike Ryan and co, was not telepathic. She did, however, have a twin sister. One day, she woke up feeling in pain all over. Unable to find any reason for her pains, she phoned her sister (who lives in Spain) only to be told that a cupboard had fallen on her!

On another occasion she found that, for several mornings in a row, she was being sick for no apparent reason. Wise to the link with her twin sister by now, she phoned her to ask if she was pregnant. Initially, the sister said no but, on checking with her doctor, she found that she was. One twin had the pregnancy, the other had the morning sickness - how's that for a division of labour?!

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